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Professional Hotel Refurbishment in Leeds, Sheffield, York, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and surrounding areas

Are you looking to give your hotel a complete makeover? A hotel Refurbishment from Generix North East Ltd can help you to create aunique, high-quality hotel experience for your guests. Covering Leeds, York, Sheffield, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, and surrounding areas, we have been helping clients with hotel refurbishments for decades. Taking the stress out of hotel refurbishment with fully project managed services that willtake your hotel to the next level.

Moreover, as established joinery manufacturers, we provide bespoke furniture made to your exact specifications. Tailored to fit the exact dimensions of each room and the style of your hotel.All new furniture will fit perfectly and can even be designed to fit your exact colour scheme and theme of the  hotel. By investing in bespoke furniture from Generix North East Ltd, you can be sure that it will be of the highest quality. Ultimately, providing your guests with an exceptional hotel experience.Our complete hotel refurbishment service includes:

  • Design and planning–Using drawings and high quality imagery to help you visualize your new space.
  • Demolition–We can rip out any existing walls and furniture that doesn’t comply with the new design.
  • CNC Machining-Machining unique designs to your individual style and preferences.
  • Manufacturer of furniture–To ensure a completely bespoke, and comfortable experience.
  • Hygienic cladding (white rocking kitchen areas/ FOH
  • Flooring (amtico, tiles, etc).
  • Plaster boarding to a high standard to be filled, sanded,and painted.


In addition, we also have in-house decorators and electricians.So, whether you need painting, wallpapering or a full electric re-wire, the experts at Generix North East Ltd have you covered.

Contact us today to discuss hotel refurbishment for your business in Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Middlesbrough,and surrounding areas. Alternatively, you can head over to view some of our recent projects.

Superior Hotel refurbishments that help your hotel look and feel the best .

As a hotel owner, you know that your property is an investment. Whether you’re looking to attract new guests or retain existing regulars, a hotel refurbishment for your premises in Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and surrounding areas is an an excellent way to ensure your property looks and feels its best.

Not only will a refurbishment help you maximise the value of your hotel, but it will also create a much more pleasant and inviting atmosphere for guests.

With many benefits of hotel refurbishment, you need a reliable and trustworthy contractor for the job. Thankfully at Generix North East Ltd  we have decades of experience working within the hotel industry, as well as a variety of other sectors. Helping them with bespoke joinery manufacture, and other bar refurbishments, shop refurbishments, and restaurant refurbishments.

What’s more, a well-designed hotel refurbishment will create a much more pleasant and inviting atmosphere for guests, which will encourage them to stay longer and return more often.

Additionally, a hotel refurbishment can help you increase the value of your property, as modern amenities and attractive decor can make your hotel more desirable to potential buyers.At Generix North East Ltd we offer a completely bespoke hotel furniture service that elevates your hotel refurbishment. With unique designs and colours to suit your preferences, we manufacture:

  • Counters
  • Displays
  • Shelving
  • Seating
  • Tables
  • Internal/External Doors
  • Bar/Shop front
  • Bottle steps
  • More

Helping you to achieve the hotel refurbishment you have always dreamed of.

For more information on bespoke furniture manufacture for your hotel refurbishment in Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and surrounding areas, contact us today.

Established joinery manufacturers for a range of professional services

At Generix North East Ltd we take pride in offering both bespoke joinery and a range of other professional services for commercial customers in and around York, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and surrounding areas.

This includes:

For any of our services, contact us today. Or head over to sectors to find out which industries we’ve worked in previously.

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